Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is YES. We would like to get to know you if you’re a visionary entrepreneur who has an idea that can change the banking industry or other financial services fundamentally.

If Fintech is your passion, then you can apply and we stay in touch.


In the first 3 months we will work with you to create a first prototype of your product. With this prototype, we test your idea together in the market. The program can then be extended on a case-by-case basis for another 6 or 12 months.

Glad you asked!

Once you have been accepted into the program, your team is given space at the “FinTech Lab” at Westhafen in Frankfurt. There we work with your company on everything a startup needs to launch its first product.

In the first couple of days, we will activate your bank account and you will receive the first investment check.

For the next 3 months we will work with you to refine your prototypes and the business model.

Together we organize regular workshops and organize networking opportunities with experts who can help support and coach you.

After 3 months of development, we organize a demo day on which you pitch your prototypes and business model to investors, mentors and potential customers and receive feedback and constructive criticism.

After the demo day, we continue to work with you and your team for several more months to refine the product to help you move towards full launch and market roll-out.

Of course! Even if you have already received initial funding, you can still develop your product to bring it to the market together with us. We will support you side-by-side with other startups who receive pre-seed funding with us.  We believe it is the mentoring and support which you get here which is actually more valuable than any pre-seed funding you might be working with now.

We award up to €25,000 cash plus €50,000 in the form of business services.  In return, we expect a minority share of equity. The aim of these funds is to build a better prototype to attract the next stage of investors.

Yes! Money is only a small part of what we do.  Gruendermaschine’s “secret sauce,” is the value we create with our non-monetary benefits.  These include: working and networking in our “FinTech Lab”, accounting & finance help and services, recruiting & HR, sales & marketing services and tax & legal support.  Our joint workshops and networking opportunities with influential experts from our Fintech network help you define and create your market.

Even then we will support you. In the first few months we will help you will construct a powerful prototype that secures additional financing as a “proof of concept.”

The financing for Fintech start-ups in the early stages is a rapidly growing market. We support you in finding suitable investors, whether at the seed funding or Series A financing stage.

No.  To apply, you must fill out the online form. Our decision criteria is based on the online application.  We base our decision mainly on our personal interviews with you. In the first step, especially, the founder personalities and the product take center stage. Here we are looking for visionaries who want to change the banking and finance industry with their product(s) and are able to convince others of their idea. After becoming part of the incubator, we work together to help you refine your idea, pitch and plan for additional financing.  We have a network of experts to help you do this, who have many years of experience in venture capital and private equity.



No, a prototype is not required. If you have already built a prototype, however, we would love to see it!

Yes, you can.  However teams with 2-4 founders have proven to be the most successful for start-ups in the foundation phase.  We can also support you in your search for other co-founders as we support you and your idea.

Yes! We help in the search for a co-founder who assumes this part of the project. We have excellent programmers in our network who like to be tested by new Fintech challenges.

The team should be based in our co-working space, the “FinTech Lab” in a hip and convenient area of the city near Hauptbahnhof and local and regional transportation, to benefit from our entire range of services. Individual co-founders, however, can also work from somewhere else temporarily.

Of course!  We appreciate and welcome your ideas.

Fintech is our passion. However, if you believe that your idea might be of interest to us, then go for it!  We are always ready to support good projects.

Not at all! We appreciate senior founders who have already gained experience in the financial industry and beyond. If you have an idea and think you can implement it, we welcome your application, no matter how old you are.

Gruendermaschine works with start-ups in the pre-seed and seed financing period. For larger financing rounds we support you in the search for investors.

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